Review is one of the most popular online directories in the U.S. The company gathers its information from billions of publicly available records, including court documents, property deeds, marital documents, and others. A search provides consumers with details such as names, cell phone and landline numbers, location of said numbers, age, and even relatives of the person searched on their site.

Unlike many reviews, this overview gives detailed information about this phone lookup directory, including how the platform works, sign-up and cost, advantages and disadvantages, user reviews, and how to remove your information from the database.

01. How Works 

How Works 

Contrary to other online directories, offers an easy-to-navigate website. Also, conducting any information search at the site is a straightforward process that involves keying in an individual’s search information and awaiting the website to do the rest.

The data provided at is updated regularly to give consumers information with a high degree of accuracy. Moreover, Android users can download the app that comes with the reverse call and lookup phone numbers features. These features go a long way in eliminating unwanted calls from stalkers, robocalls, and even nagging telemarketers.

Here are some of the searches you can use to look up information on the website quickly:

  • people search: In this feature, the consumer is required to enter a person’s name on the site to search for information, and in turn, gives the person’s current phone number and address. In addition to the name, you can provide the state or city of residence of the person whose information you are searching for quicker results.
  • reverse phone lookup: This feature helps identify unknown callers. All you need to do is enter their phone number on their website, and you’re good to go.
  • address search: Here, a user searches for a person’s contact information by entering their current address on the website.
02. Sign Up and Cost Review: Sign Up and Cost

Contrary to other data brokers who offer free incomplete outdated information, gives consumers reliable, up-to-date contact data at no cost. And since affordability is an integral part when choosing an online directory, is free of charge. This explains why many people have opted for the free phone lookup version offered by

Signing up doesn’t at doesn’t require credit card details or any other personal information since its services are free. For Android users, all they need is to download the APK file, install it and enjoy all the services that accompany reverse lookup feature.

03. Review Review

  • The free version makes an affordable site for most U.S users.
  • The reverse phone lookup feature enables one to identify spam callers.
  • search has proven helpful in locating long-lost loved ones. 
  • The address lookup helps keep tabs on neighbors and colleagues.
  • It comes with a downloadable mobile application.
  • The company offers a simple and user-friendly web design.
  • The site strives to give its users the latest and most accurate information.
  • Your information may get into the wrong hands and be used to spam you.
  • Your Information is prone to identity theft since the database is publicly available. 
  • You can also be exposed to fraud.
  • People with wrong intentions can use the information from the database to stalk you. 
04. Experience and Service Review: Customer Experience and Service has relatively reliable customer support. In case you have questions regarding this website, you can reach the customer care desk on (888) 747-4095, which is available 24/7. Alternatively, you can email the customer support team via [email protected], although this method is a bit slower in getting a response.

05. User Reviews User Reviews is among the oldest people finder websites that is still operational to date. The longevity makes this company trustworthy, which explains why many reviews online give positive feedback about this company. 

For instance, according to, the site had a global rank of 11,398 in July 2022, which was 558 spots above the previous month’s rating. Other positive reviews come from trustworthy websites like Reddit and TrustPilot. Some users say the app is fast in searching for unknown numbers. However, some users have noted that the opt-out process takes longer than normal and sometimes doesn’t work.

06. Should You Choose

Should You Choose’s main audience is anyone looking to access publicly available records to track phone numbers. Therefore, if you are searching for a reliable website to look up unknown numbers, is one of the best options. Besides, the company offers its services for free, and it claims to feature millions of phone numbers with complete owner records. 

07. Remove Your Information

How to Remove Your Information From

If you feel that your data is vulnerable to scams and stalking, you can remove it from by following these steps;

  • Visit
  • Enter either your 10-digit phone number or name and start your search.
  • Click on the ‘This is Me’ button from the correct results displayed.
  • Select the ‘Remove my Record’ option.
  • Click the checkboxes and perform the reCAPTCHA. Your information will be deleted within two business days.

Besides using the above steps, you can call the customer care desk to have your information removed from the database. In this case, ensure you give the correct details.

08. Subscription

How to Cancel a Subscription

Since the site provides free services without any subscription and pricing options, cancellation of these services is straightforward. For instance, you can avoid visiting the web page or uninstall the app. 

09. Alternatives 

Competitors and Alternatives 

In the U.S, there are many sites similar to Depending on individual consumers' preferences, these sites can be used as alternatives to Moreover, some may have even better services and can come out as competition to this site. These sites include but are not limited to.










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