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Have you ever struggled with finding somebody's contact information or location? Or maybe thought about doing a background check on your new neighbours or friends? With the Geekadelphia (free, fast people search site) Search Engine, you can find people online for free in just a few simple steps. 

The process is pretty easy and does not require any complicated procedures. By filling in the name or mobile number, you can locate people and find their contact information, criminal history and social media handles. You don't need to worry about the authenticity or accuracy because the data is collected from the most reliable public records in the US.

01. Search Engine

How does People's Search Engine Help?

When you fill the information in the search tab, the search engine surfs through the public data records and shows you the most relevant results. This free people search is available online at no cost and without any premium subscription. These online information and location finder services are quite useful when you wish to locate or reconnect with an old friend or you want to gather the personal/background data of your new co-worker or employee.

Also, you can get all the registered information of any phone number through the reverse phone search tool. Sometimes we feel quite nostalgic and want to surprise our childhood friends. They might be living in another city, so you can use this search tool, and within moments, you will get their contact information and location. This assists you in finding people fast.

How to Reunite with Estranged Relatives?

According to research, family estrangement is pretty common in the United States,, and as a result, around 70 million people are separated from their family members. It feels quite depressing and alone when you are separated from your family member/s.

With the help of free people searching by name, you can find your lost relatives in a hassle-free way. You only have to enter their name and get all the information, including any criminal records. You will get the contact information (email, mobile number, and location), birth information and social media profiles. So, just a couple of steps, finding your estranged loved ones is just a piece of cake.

How to Locate Long-Lost Friends?

Are you missing your childhood friends? Have you also accidentally lost contact with them? So, if you want to surprise your lost friends by contacting them after years, it is not a difficult task anymore. Here’s what you can do. With Geekadelphia’s fast people search free of cost tool, you can find the location and other details of your loved ones with just their names.

And voila! In a couple of seconds, you will receive a detailed report containing their personal information, location, address, and social media handles. Sounds good, right? We believe nothing can be better than the reunion of old peers. Our users could meet some of their close friends through this free people search engine.

How to Reunify with Former Classmates or Colleagues?

Did you feel nostalgic while going through your old school or group photographs? Do you want to meet your former school or workmates again? We have made it pretty simple for you. With the help of the free people search by name, you can get all the registered information of the person being searched.

By entering the first and last names in the search tab, you will get the results in the wink of an eye. The results are collected from the comprehensive data of public reports. Through the data, you will get all the information—birth date, criminal history, location, address, contact number, and social media profiles and usernames.

How to Check the Background History of Someone?

Are you considering doing a background verification of someone new in your contact? Maybe a friend, colleague, employee or neighbour. Unlike the old times when doing a background check was a hard task, it is very simple nowadays. You must follow the exact same pattern—fill in the name or mobile number—and you will instantly get your information.

The records include a broad range of data. There is information about the criminal history, bankruptcy, relatives, marriages, email address, mobile number, job history, and social media usernames. The data is formatted in an easy-to-read way, without any technical jargon.

How to Find More About Your Neighbors?

Have you recently shifted to a new neighbourhood? Or has a family joined your neighbourhood community? Are you planning to research in-depth about the families you are living around? At Geekadelphia, you can gather all of their particulars (personal and professional) with just a click.

You can use the fast people search engine and get the contact information and criminal or bankruptcy history. Also, you can use the address lookup. Here, you must enter your address, and you will find all the details about the nearby houses. Background information about someone makes it significantly easy to have a face-to-face talk and ensures safety.

How to Identify an Unknown Phone Number?

Have you been trying to recall the caller of an unknown number? Do you want to know about the missed caller without calling back? If yes, use another amazing feature of the Geekadelphia people searches website rather than scratching your head: reverse phone number lookup.

The reverse phone search helps you find the caller’s information without needing to call back. This also ensures that your privacy is not revealed to the caller. Upon searching, you will get the registered name, home address, contact number, and caller’s email address. This helps you determine if the phone call is fraudulent or legitimate.


What Information Do You Need to Have About the Person?

You might be wondering that for all the detailed information, you will require a lot of particulars of the person. But no! You only need the first, last, and mobile number to get all the present and past details. If you have the person’s address, it’s well and good. If not, it is not mandatory, except for address lookup.

With minimal information, you can access everything from contact information to location to police record history. All the true profile search is provided in a simple format and at no cost or subscription.

03. Search Report Contain

What does the Comprehensive Search Report Contain?

The search report by Geekadelphia includes all the particulars for contact, criminal, non-criminal records, and personal information. The inclusions in the search report depend upon the type of information provided and required. For instance, if you choose the reverse phone number lookup, you will get all the registered contact information of the phone number operator.

Similarly, entering a person's name will get their contact info and background history. Apart from its requirements as an individual, a comprehensive search report is also required by companies hiring employees. Every employer needs a complete background check, including work experience, education, criminal/non-criminal records, and bankruptcy records, as a part of the hiring process. A person may be accepted or rejected based on the search report.

Complete Contact Details: 

By entering the first and the last name, you will get access to unwrap the details to contact a person. The info includes the phone number of the person, current address, location, email address, and social profiles. All this can be beneficial when you wish to contact or locate an estranged friend, relative, schoolmate or co-worker.

Finding contact information through Geekadelphia’s find people search site has really good plus points. This search engine is relatively fast, reliable and up-to-date compared to telephone dairies or other manual contact lists. Also, since contact details keep changing, you need to have a source, like Geekadelphia, that keeps its content regularly updated.

Criminal History:

The data in the public records help in figuring out any criminal records in a person’s past. A criminal record is also known as a rap sheet. It contains all the crimes a person has committed and the reason for the arrest. Depending upon the state, some rap sheets also include the physical appearance of the convicted person.

The criminal records are quite helpful when verifying a new tenant, friend, neighbour or employee. Many of our users have used this free online people search engine to research homeschool owners before admitting their children there. A brief record of a person ensures a sense of safety, security and satisfaction.

Personal Data: 

With Geekadelphia’s people search free public records, you can access not only background history or contact information but also personal information. This includes marriages/marital status, employment history, photos, residential address, email address, and birth records. The online usernames and location history can also be provided. All of this can be accessed by inputting the person’s full name.

You may require your neighbour’s personal information to ensure the security of your family. Moreover, you may want to know in-depth about your new partner’s personal life. Sometimes, users check their personal information to know the kind of profile they have online. In all these scenarios, you will require Geekadelphia’s people search website.

Records of Non-criminal Activities: 

Apart from the criminal history, personal data and contact info, this online people finder can help you collect the non-criminal records of the person. The most common amongst all is bankruptcy records. It is usually one of the first things a tenant, employer, or an informal loan provider checks.

You can easily get information about the bankruptcy history of the person by just entering the name or phone number in the search tab. So, you can get a brief personality check of a person by looking at their criminal or non-criminal records. Non-criminal records can be pretty helpful in different scenarios. It may reveal one’s financial background and personal information, which can be used to verify the information submitted by them.

04. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now that you have understood the applications and benefits of the USA people search tool—Geekadelphia. This 'how to find people search engine helps to make your life more efficient, easier and safer. Now is the time to answer some of your most asked queries about search engines to find people, and here we go. 

Can I search by phone number?

You can use 'reverse phone number lookup' to get the information by just a mobile number. This is useful for finding the caller's complete identification: registered name, residing address, email address, and location. For this, you don't need to call the caller back to find the details. Just enter the number, and you are done! You can also get details of landline numbers or VoIP numbers. So, reverse phone lookup is a mystery solution to 'who called you and also alerted about scams or fraud.

Can I search by address?

Yes, you can easily search for people and their details using the person's address. Enter the address in the correct format and spelling to get the most relevant results. With this feature, you are provided with the particulars of the registered owner of the property and the people living at the address, as per the public records. 

It also provides you with the contact information of the person you are looking for. You can also gather details about the neighbourhood, contact data, and personal information.

Are my searches private?

Your searches and entire search history are 100% private and secure. It is never revealed to anyone: neither the person you are searching for nor any third person. Anonymous searches allow more users to use our fast people search service more comfortably. However, if you want access to sensitive information like public records or databases, you will need consent from the respective person.

Firstly, we never ask for your name, mobile number, or email address. You just need to enter the person's particulars to extract your info. Secondly, we provide information free of cost; therefore, no bank or credit card details are involved as long as you use the free trial. So, there is no way of storing your details in our databases.

How can I find people free on Geekadelphia?

Geekadelphia, a fast people search site, allows you to search for people and locate them quickly. All you need is the person's name or phone number, or address, depending upon the type of information you need.  You will need the phone number to extract the contact info of the owner of the number.

Similarly, you will need the person's address to collect details of the people associated with the address. If the only thing you have is the name (first and last), you can acquire location, personal information, criminal records, bankruptcy reports, social profiles, and contact details.


Josef Tomason

I recently used Geekadelphia for a people background check, and I am completely impressed. It was extremely easy to use and gave me more detailed information than I expected. The results were clear and organized, which made it much easier to understand the person's background. I highly recommend Geekadelphia for anyone looking for reliable people background check service!

Josef Tomason
Ben Stiller

I recently had to do a background check for a potential employee, and I was really impressed with Geekadelphia. The process was so simple, and it only took a few minutes to get the results. They saved me a lot of time and effort as compared to other services. Plus, their customer service is top-notch - they answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. Highly recommend Geekadelphia for anyone looking for reliable people background check services!

Ben Stiller
Jlo Maison

Geekadelphia is an essential tool in today's world. I use it to run background checks on people who I do business with and potential employees. It has saved me countless hours of research as the information provided is always up-to-date and reliable. Geekadelphia has enabled me to make informed decisions quickly, which in turn helps my business run smoothly and efficiently.

Jlo Maison
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