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An online background check has become crucial these days to be on the safe side. It also includes a criminal history background check. Whether you are hiring a new employee or dating someone new, it’s never wrong to take some extra precautions.

Hence, you must be double sure about the person’s background history. Geekadelphia’s online background check service does the heavy lifting for you. Keep reading to learn more about criminal and online background checks.

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What Are The Uses Of the Best Background Check

Background check services are helpful in many situations. You may want to find out about your new neighbor or a friend. A background check gathers data from different databases and quickly fetches precise information for you. The information contains personal history, criminal charges, allegations, etc.

Checking Personal History Background

If you are associating with someone new or hiring someone for your organization, it is wise to check their personal history background. An online background check for employment helps you authenticate details such as past employment, finances, education, and so on. Checking personal history background is often a part of the pre-employment screening process.

Our personal history check is derived from thousands of public records and databases that are kept for legal purposes. It may also reveal criminal proceedings, drug use history, and any critical piece of information you should be aware of. Moreover, you can store this information with the person’s consent for future investigations.

Finding Comprehensive Contact Information

In many instances, it isn’t easy to find the contact information of people you don’t know well. Yes, you can send them emails or message them on social media, but what if you could find their contact information to connect them directly? No wonder it saves you a lot of time and effort.

Finding comprehensive contact information can help verify the person as well. Most people might not give you wrong contact information regarding official purposes. However, it will be an excellent choice to have multiple ways of reaching them in an emergency.

Finding Criminal and Civil Court Records

One of the most helpful features of an instant online background check is finding the criminal history background of a person. Suppose a person has had some civil or criminal records and is trying to hide them. You need to be aware of their court records that might concern you and the people around you. The best criminal background check site we recommend is Geekadelhphia.

These records are gathered after assessing multiple public records and legal databases. You can check various details like case numbers, accusations, trials, etc. It helps you learn about a person better and associate with them safely.

Verifying Online Dating, New Neighbors, and Old Classmates

Many of us don’t feel the need to verify people close to them. You might trust the people around you too much to feel the need to check their backgrounds. However, unless you have known them for years, we advise you to verify their backgrounds as a precaution.

You are vulnerable to the people close to you, such as your new neighbors or your new partner you started dating. Hence, you would like to know what background they have had in the past. Any vital information such as court records or criminal records may serve as a warning for you.

Explore Bankruptcy Information

An online background check helps you explore information like bankruptcy records. Bankruptcy records can give you critical pieces of information if you are hiring someone for the finance department. You may get a good idea about how the candidate manages their assets and if they had ever gone bankrupt in the past.

As a recruiter, you will be more confident after verifying one’s bankruptcy information. The data is obtained from various civil records and public databases. Thus, a simple background check would play a significant role in making your entire hiring process much more manageable.

See What Others Find When They Check Your Background

Online background checks can also help you perform verification of yourself. It allows you to understand what other people might see if they ever ran a background check with your name. The technology behind an online background check allows you to cross-check if there is any outdated or missing data about you.

You can also file a complaint if any misleading data has been associated with your profile. Hence, you can find out how much information people can see about you and if it is accurate. In certain instances, if you want to remove your information from a background check tool, you can contact their team.


Brand Overviews

Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo
minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus, omnis voluptas assumenda est, omnis dolor repellendus. is among the many information brokerage companies that allow you to search for someone’s name when trying to gather information about them. The firm was founded by Jeffrey Tinsley in 2002 and was initially referred to as Jeffrey’s primary objective in creating this site was to give users a platform where they can rediscover long-lost friends, relatives, old contacts, and friends.

Whitepages is an online platform that allows you to run a background check or search individuals’ names. The site was established in 1997 and boasts over 30 million consumers per month. On this website, you can find a person, do a reverse lookup of a phone number, screen a tenant, search for an individual’s address, find a business, and run a background check on someone. According to Whitepages overview, the company is about searching, finding, and knowing. So how does it work?

True People Search is a search engine website for finding people’s details in the U.S. This platform’s database contains information collected from public records and social media profiles. According to many reviews, this site allows you to search email addresses, reverse phone number lookup, police records, criminal records, social profiles, and home addresses.

In today’s world, having some information on the ones around you or keeping in touch with long-lost relatives has become easy, thanks to people-search engines like Zabasearch is among the popular people-search engines that offer free services to consumers across the US. is a data broker website that acts as a free political research tool for anyone studying raw voter data in the US. It contains information about registered voters and boasts over 95 million records in its database. 

Besides search being used by researchers, candidates, and political parties looking to make the most out of raw voter data, individuals can also use it to collect personal information about other registered voters. It also allows you to check if voters’ details are up to date and if the records contain errors.  

This overview covers the basic information you need to know about the website. This includes but is not limited to user reviews, how the company works, its customer support, merits and shortcoming, as well as alternatives. Let’s begin with its working mechanism. is one of the most popular online directories in the U.S. The company gathers its information from billions of publicly available records, including court documents, property deeds, marital documents, and others. A search provides consumers with details such as names, cell phone and landline numbers, location of said numbers, age, and even relatives of the person searched on their site.

Unlike many reviews, this overview gives detailed information about this phone lookup directory, including how the platform works, sign-up and cost, advantages and disadvantages, user reviews, and how to remove your information from the database.

04.Report Includes

Our Background Report Includes

You might have gotten an idea of how comprehensive a background report can be. It contains tons of
information about a person’s history, life incidents, legal issues, civil issues, financial information, etc.
Knowing which data you are looking for will help you do a relevant search and obtain information per
your requirements.

01. Full Contact Information

An online background check service helps you gain the complete contact information of any individual. It includes phone numbers, email ids, social media profiles, and more. It is helpful in verifying a person’s online presence and if they have any fake identity.

Multiple contact options allow you to reach them through different modes of communication. It helps you verify people with multiple personas who might be trying to hide their identity.

02. Criminal Public Records

Criminal public records are crucial to detect any criminal allegations or ongoing court cases in the person’s name. It is a mandatory procedure for hiring candidates for most companies. Criminal records do not include information from civil records.

These records are helpful in highlighting felonies, including sex offender charges, parking charges, and other criminal proceedings. A criminal background check can help you stay alert by informing you of any crimes the person might have committed. No matter how hard they try to bury it down, our instant criminal background check feature can dig deep to find any available information.

03. Personal Information

Personal information history is valuable when you want an overview of someone’s history or past. Most employers consider running a personal background check to extract personal information about their potential employees. Personal information may include one’s academics, employment history, spending habits, criminal charges, civil information, etc.

Conducting a personal information check helps you detect if everything is up to the mark. You might need consent from a person before conducting a personal check. On the other hand, you can also check up on yourself to see what personal information about you is available online. This allows you to fix any mistakes and keep the data up to date.

04. Non-Criminal Public Records

Non-Criminal public records include civil information where data is derived from civil public records. It is essential to check the civil records of a candidate, especially in the corporate world. Non-criminal public records contain information such as minor disputes, contract breaches, tax disputes, marriage information, restraining orders, etc.

A civil background check ensures that nothing about the candidate is out of the blue. It is also a mandatory step towards hiring someone, as you must be very careful about who joins your organization.

05. FAQ

Got More Questions About Background Check: Here You Go

Now that you have a pretty clear idea about how background checks work and what information you can expect from them, it’s time to answer some common questions related to background checks.

What is a background check?

A background check can be defined as a comprehensive process where we try to find out information about a person’s historical background. Background checks can be of different types, such as background criminal checks, civil background checks, bankruptcy checks, etc. A background check is most frequently used during the pre-employment screening phase.

A background check can also be conducted on your neighbor, friend, partner, etc. Background checks help you verify one’s information and make sure their details are correct.

What’s included in a background check?

A background check can include different details, including personal information, criminal allegations, financial information, academic background, employment history, civil information, marriage information, etc. The information you get will depend on the type of background check you perform.

It is advised to select the type of information you want to get accurate results as per your search query. The type of background check you perform will vary as per your circumstances. For example, a hiring manager will be interested in a candidate’s past employment history, whereas a person looking for his neighbor’s information will go for a personal information check.

How are public records any different from a background check?

Public records are the legal records that are recorded by the government and are available for the public to access. On the other hand, a background check is a process to find information related to someone’s background history. Information is derived in a background check from public records, resources and databases.

What is the source of the information in a Background Check report?

The information found in a background report is obtained from tens of thousands of databases, public records, and social media platforms. Our background check service strives to provide accurate results by cross-checking your queries with various available resources. These records also include criminal and civil court records.

You need consent to access these records and perform a background check on a person. All the information included in a background check report is received from legit sources, which makes the overall report authentic.

Should I do my own research or use an online background check service?

It depends on you if you want to search about a person, but using an online background check provider is preferred. Searching yourself will help you obtain bits and pieces of the information you are looking for. You will have to sort through a vast array of unfiltered data to get what you are searching for.

On the other hand, an online background check provider does all the heavy lifting for you and gives you results within a few hours or days. Online background check services get their data from public databases and records, which you might not have access to if you are searching for yourself. In short, it saves you a lot of time and energy to simply use a background check service over searching manually.

Free criminal background check online – does such a thing exist?

Yes, many free background check services are available in the market today. However, you should note that the information you receive through a free online background check online at no charge, is limited. Most services will ask you to subscribe to their paid plans to access the complete information. It may not be very pleasant, but free background checks are meant to demonstrate how the service works. Similarly, you can find various criminal background check free on the internet.

Alternatively, you can use the trial version of a background check service. Most trial versions are free of cost and may last from a few days to a month. It will help you perform free background checks temporarily. You can also find many sites offering cheap background checks online.

Is it a good idea to run an employment background check?

Running an employment background check is highly advisable during the pre-employment screening process. It helps you assess one’s credentials, bankruptcy details, past employment details, academic details, and so on.

Should I run a self-background check?

Yes, it is a good idea to run a self-background check. It helps you check what other people might see when they perform a background check on you. You can also detect any mistakes or anomalies in your information and try to rectify that mistake.

Sometimes, if you are uncomfortable with the results and don’t want anyone to find your background history, you can contact the background check service. They will ask you to fill out a form and help prevent your data from showing up in background check services.

What information can I get if I perform a free background check on myself?

Searching by yourself may seem tedious, but you can obtain information about someone’s academic history, employment history, life updates, etc., using social media platforms. LinkedIn is useful in extracting information about someone’s employment.

You should not expect to find criminal records or civil records when searching by yourself. These data are accessible to the public only with consent. Hence, you cannot find them as quickly as finding basic details.

Which is the best background check service in the market?

The best background check service that can help you out is our online background check tool. Geekadelphia provides detailed information about individuals, business entities, and team members in the form of documents, photographs, and a database. They offer useful tips for market trends too.

A good background check tool gives you a wide range of services on a single platform. You may check the review of a background check service before choosing it. Other features like data security and good customer support also are present. Last but not least, a good background check service should have affordable plans which give you value for money. In other words, the information you obtain must be authentic and worth the price you pay.


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I recently used Geekadelphia for a people background check, and I am completely impressed. It was extremely easy to use and gave me more detailed information than I expected. The results were clear and organized, which made it much easier to understand the person's background. I highly recommend Geekadelphia for anyone looking for reliable people background check service!

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I recently had to do a background check for a potential employee, and I was really impressed with Geekadelphia. The process was so simple, and it only took a few minutes to get the results. They saved me a lot of time and effort as compared to other services. Plus, their customer service is top-notch - they answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. Highly recommend Geekadelphia for anyone looking for reliable people background check services!

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Geekadelphia is an essential tool in today's world. I use it to run background checks on people who I do business with and potential employees. It has saved me countless hours of research as the information provided is always up-to-date and reliable. Geekadelphia has enabled me to make informed decisions quickly, which in turn helps my business run smoothly and efficiently.

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expect from them, it’s time to answer some common questions related to background checks.
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