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Most of us receive unknown emails daily. Sometimes the emails may seem suspicious, and we can’t decide if we must ignore them or take some action. If only we could figure out who the unknown sender was without contacting them directly, our lives would be much easier. To your surprise, this is possible now! Keep reading the article to learn more about a reverse email lookup!

Email Address Owner Reverse Lookup 

If you have received a suspicious email and want to figure out who the sender behind that email is, a reverse email lookup is what you need! A reverse email lookup is a tool to identify the sender behind an unknown email address. All that you require is the email address from which you received the email. Our search engine will dig out the details of the sender for you!

All the information from government websites, social media networks and various other sources is collected and stored in our database. Therefore, finding the person behind that email takes only a few seconds! This tool allows you to anonymously find out who the sender was without contacting them directly. You can use this tool to your benefit to figure out the intentions of the sender and if that email is a threat to you or not.

The collection of consumer data is becoming a popular business nowadays. The clickbait in the form of cookies on the various platforms you sign up for is a way to ask your permission to sell your details. Email addresses in one of them. It results in emails from unknown senders flooding your inbox. A reverse email lookup can help you differentiate if that email is from a contact, mutual, or spam email. It can help you identify the person and what your next steps will look like.

What’s In An Email Lookup Report?

A reverse email lookup can be handy when looking for an unknown sender. Thousands of emails are being sent worldwide every minute, and finding a specific sender can seem daunting. However, our reverse email lookup free service makes it very easy. 

A reverse email lookup report includes almost every detail you may need to determine the sender’s identity. From a person’s social-networking profiles, location, and criminal records to other linked public records, there’s so much you can learn about the sender just through their email address. 

These are the following situations where a reverse email lookup can be extremely useful:

For Individuals

Sometimes, individuals may need a reverse email lookup tool to locate the emails being sent to them and know if they belong to someone they are familiar with. Sometimes, a reverse email lookup can even help in saving individuals from harassment through email. The software can trace the computer’s IP address from where the emails were sent. 

It can guide you on how to take suitable action to stop them or report the sender. This tool is handy for business owners, government officials, celebrities and VIPs who are often threatened online through messages, comments and emails. It can also help in saving individuals from being scammed for their money. Users can check the sender’s authenticity by checking out the details they receive through a reverse email lookup tool. 


Many employers frequently use email reverse lookup free to perform a background check on employees when they hire them. Before hiring an employee, they can perform a background check through their email to check for any criminal records, sexual offences, arrest records or other violations. A simple background check can help a company hire suitable candidates in the long run and ensure safety. 


Marketing and sales staff can benefit from free email reverse lookup. It can be instrumental in verifying emails before sending them out. It can help in identifying whether the lead is a verified one and can help in driving sales or not. This can save time and effort and help companies target their emails to the right clients. 

What Information Does An Email Lookup Provide?

A reverse email lookup provides a lot of helpful information about the sender. The information ranges from the sender’s name, photo, phone number, home address, social media accounts, and other details. Since email addresses don’t have area codes as phone numbers do, you cannot find out the location of the sender using a reverse email lookup. 

However, the information you can obtain through a reverse email lookup free is enough to help you learn about the person and extract the information you need without contacting them directly. Here is the information a reverse email lookup provides that will help you identify an unknown sender. You can use the following information to take the following steps accordingly:

Owner Information

First and foremost, using a reverse email lookup, you get information on the owner of the unidentifiable email address. A reverse email lookup will give you background information on the owner of the email address. This information includes the owner’s identity, residence, educational background, work history, relationship status and more. 

It can help in finding any links with the person if you have any. If a stranger is bothering you, taking further steps will be easy, and you can block them or report them. A reverse email lookup makes all of this possible without contacting the sender and helps achieve anonymity. It’s the perfect tool for being cautious!

Social and Web Accounts

You can easily trace all the social profiles of the email address owner you looked up. Profiles, including dating, professional, social, and other networking social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, Yahoo, Whois, Google etc., can be easily traced using a reverse email lookup. You can quickly learn a lot about the sender’s life through a few clicks within a few seconds. 

Photos and Videos

A reverse email lookup Gmail or other mail on the sender can give you all the available images and videos of the sender. All the uploaded photos and videos of their social media accounts, screenshots they might have taken, profile pictures and other related web content can be easily accessed through a reverse email lookup. You can use these photos and videos to identify the owner. 

Relatives, Friends, and Associates

It is very easy to find information on friends or relatives of the email owner through a reverse email lookup. This can help you identify if the sender is a mutual friend or knows someone you are related to. Business associates also trace emails to retrieve the mailing history of others to analyse current proposals. 

Public Records

You can also look for any public record using a reverse email lookup. Information including criminal records, arrests, traffic violations, court records, marriages, divorces, assets and more can be found using a reverse email lookup. You can access this information anonymously to learn about the sender’s identity and figure out what you wish to do with that email.

Contact Info

A reverse email lookup Gmail and other emails can give you information about the owner like phone numbers, hidden or backup email addresses, current mailing addresses and residential details in a few clicks. You can access all of this information to identify the sender of the unknown email address and guard yourself with appropriate measures well in time. 

Why Makes Geekadelphia The Best Email Address Lookup?

Plenty of email address lookups are available in the market for you to pick and choose from. Here are some features that differentiate Geekadelphia and make it the best free reverse email lookup.


Do you wish you could learn about an unknown sender the moment you saw the email and do not want to wait all day for results? An email address lookup search on Geekadelphia is extremely quick and secure. It digs out the information on the email address you provided within a few seconds. 

With instant results, you don’t have to worry about the long, tedious process of looking for online information. The owner’s personal information, photos, videos, etc., can be accessed with just a few clicks on Geekadelphia. With extremely fast results and safe, anonymous searching Geekadelphia is your best choice!


Sometimes, a name or personal details may not be enough to tell you about a person. Don’t worry; Geekadelphia has got you covered! An email address lookup report generated by Geekadelphia is highly comprehensive. With information ranging from the owner’s name to even details on their relatives or friends, geekadelphia got everything covered. This comprehensive report can help you learn about the sender and look for any links with them if you have any!


Sometimes, looking for personal details on a stranger can cost a lot of money. However, Geekadelphia email address lookup is unbelievably affordable. You can perform as many email lookups as you like with minimal fees! You don’t have to worry about your wallet taking a punch in matters of concern or safety. Geekadelphia, email address lookup, allows you to extract information on unknown email senders at extremely low prices!


The information available on most email address lookups cannot be trusted. Some data always gets mixed up. An email address lookup in Geekadelphia is highly reliable. With information from government websites, social media networks and various other sources, Geekadelphia provides you with trustable and accurate information on the owner.

Email Lookups Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know, an email address lookup can help you in getting personal information on an unknown sender of the email address. Many questions may have crossed your mind while reading the article or learning about an email address lookup. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about email lookups:

How can an anonymous email be tracked?

An anonymous email can be easily traced by analysing the email header, which has the email metadata and the following routing information. An easier way is to use a reverse lookup email. It can provide you with information on the owner of the email address like name, address, other email addresses, domain name where the email is hosted, social profiles, and more.

How can I look up an email address?

Header information from an email is used to look someone up using their email. Geekadelphia can help you find information to look up the email address owner. All you have to do is look up an email in Geekadelphia’s email tab, and you will have all the necessary information to figure out the identity of someone in just one click.

Are all reverse email lookups free for use?

Best reverse email lookup services provide a free reverse email lookup. However, the free version only provides essential information on the person you’re looking for. You need to buy the premium plan for a detailed reverse email lookup report. A premium plan includes detailed information involving highly personal information on the unknown person.

How can I trace an unknown email address to the owner?

Fill in the email address of the unknown person in an email lookup service. They will go through the internet to look for the unknown person. Once the search is complete, you’ll have all the required information on the person to trace the email back to them. 

How to look up the owner of an unknown email address?

Finding the owner of an email address has become very easy through reverse email address lookup services. All you need to do is fill in the email address of the person you wish to find out the details for. The email address lookup service will go through their database and find the necessary information on the person you’re looking for.

How can I find out the email of a person?

To search for someone’s email address, type in their name on social media. You can check out the header information from an email they may have received. Geekadelphia can also find an email address for you. All you need to do is type in the person’s name, and Geekadelphia will dig out their email address for you.

Can I look up an email on my iPhone?

Searching for an email on an iPhone is very straightforward. Open the browser and go to Geekadelphia. Visit the email section and enter the email address you need to find the details for. You will get all the essential information regarding the person you’re looking for to help you decide your next steps.

Is there a way to report spam emails?

We are all annoyed by hundreds of spam emails in our inboxes and wish to get rid of them. Spam emails can be quickly reported to [email protected] This email belongs to the FTC Anti-Phishing Working Group. They take care of spam emails and help empty your inbox with only important emails filling up your space. 

How to perform a reverse email address lookup?

Just visit an online platform providing a reverse email address lookup service like us. Head to the search column. Enter the email address that has been troubling you. Click search, and the results will be showcased in front of you. It’s that easy! If the information is insufficient, you can view a complete profile or purchase an enhanced version to dig deeper.