192.com Review

192.com is one of the most popular online directories in the U.K. The company was launched in 1997 and publishes data about places, people, and businesses. It claims to have more than 700 million business and residential records across the U.K. Usually, many of these records are free and can be accessed in features such as 192.com reverse phone lookup, 192.com address lookup, and 192.com people search. 

This 192.com overview will look at how the platform works, its sign-up and cost, advantages and disadvantages, customer experience and service, user reviews, how to remove your information from 192.com, how to cancel a 192.com subscription, and 192.com competitors and alternatives. Let's start by understanding how the website works.

01. How Works

How 192.com Works

192.com has a wider range of free and premium services. The company updates its data from various public records and databases, including phone directories, electoral rolls, Companies House Director reports, Land Registry, as well as Birth Deaths and Marriage Data for England.

The company bundles all this data into one lump to enable you to search people by name, address, phone number, and company name. With that in mind, here’s the process you must follow when conducting the 192.com search;

  • Visit the 192.com website and register an account with the platform.
  • Enter the correct name of the person you’re looking for.
  • Provide their location if you have one.

After this process, this website will give the individual’s full name, address, telephone number, age, and other people living in their house. However, you might fail to get all this information for some reason. For instance, this company only includes the names and addresses of people over the age of 18 years.

Also, if you fail to find the person’s number, there is a high chance that the individual’s information is in the ex-directory. It is worth noting that the 192.com electoral roll expands from 2002 to 2019. Therefore the company has only been able to publish the open register since 2003. The open register is formerly known as the edited electoral roll and excludes all names and addresses of individuals who have opted out of the 192.com database.

02. Sign Up

192.com Review: Sign up and Cost

192.com doesn’t charge a registration fee. However, you must pay for Premium search services, including searching for directory enquiries, director reports, electoral roll data, and county court judgments.

192.com has special currencies known as credit. These credits vary in size and are available in packages. They are usually used to pay for 192.com services, and as the cost for each search lowers, the package size increases. Here are the premium payments to expect from this site:

  • Register and enjoy 20 free searches every day and save around  £1.50 per search
  • Buy credits and access 30 million people’s records that are unavailable in the telephone book.
03. Review

192.com Review

  • The company has an affiliate program 
  • The free 192.com lookup option allows you to understand how the platform works before committing to paid options. 
  • Some users are happy that the site has helped them reconnect with extended family members. 
  • The company launched i192, an iOS app for free directory inquiries. 
  • This people's search directory has also developed business and residential listings for mobile web users. 
  • Some customers are happy with 192.com's customer support. 
  • The company launched “Background Reports” in 2013, a product featuring county court judgments, edited electoral roll information, mortality data, insolvency reports, and registry details. 
  • Some users in the 192.com affiliate program have complained about late payments in the past. 
  • Some users feel that the site is hard to manage in terms of payments, citing that it mainly focuses on taking money from users.
  • Some customers feel that the i192 app developed by this company is hard to use.
  • 192.com no longer gives free searches for reverse phone lookups and addresses for non-ex-directory numbers. 
04. Customer Experience and Service

Customer Experience and Service 

Some individuals feel that search engines invade their information and privacy. For that and many other reasons, 192.com claims to meet all the standards set under the GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation).

Besides, this platform allows you to delete your information from their database and other rights. For instance, it gives you the right to withdraw your consent at any time, the right to access the data being processed by 192.com, the right to ask the platform to rectify your personal information, and the right to request for your data removal. Typically 192.com responds to these requests for free within 30 days.

05. User Reviews

192.com User Reviews 

This 192.com review has gathered user comments from reliable sites such as Reddit and TrustPilot. As a result, it indicates some of the major frustrations and satisfactions experienced by 192.com users. For instance, some are happy that they can earn an extra buck through 192.com’s affiliate program, while others are unhappy with late payments after joining the affiliate program.

In addition, some users are unhappy that 192.com is not transparent about what information is available for specific records. Other complaints include higher payments on credits used for searches, unused credits expiring after 30 days, and poor customer support.

06. Should You Choose

Should You Choose 192.com?

Despite the drawbacks mentioned above, you might want to consider using 192.com when searching for people online. The platform has proved useful in finding lost friends, people’s addresses, and phone numbers across the U.K.

The platform also features the edited U.K Electoral register, director reports, property, and background reports. Finally, it meets the standards set under the GDPR and has reliable customer support, as indicated by many 192.com reviews, including TrustPilot.

07. Information from 192.com

How to Remove Your Information from 192.com 

As stated above, 192.com allows you to remove your information from its database. Here is the process: 


Visit the online removal request page on 192.com 


Fill out a form as required by 192.com.  


Ensure you give the correct email since 192.com sends a confirmation removal request link to your email. 


Click the link to initiate the removal process. 


Wait for 24 hours for 192.com to complete your removal request. 

08. Cancel Subscription

How to Cancel a 192.com Subscription 

One of the best ways to cancel your 192.com subscription is by deleting your account. In this case, you might be required to open the email used to register your details with 192.com and write an email requesting the company to delete your account. (The 192.com address to use is [email protected])

Finally, type the subject  “REQUEST TO DELETE MY 192.COM ACCOUNT” and explain why you want your account deleted. Once you have sent the email, it takes this company 30 days to respond to your request.

09. Alternatives

Competitors and Alternatives 

There are other companies offering similar options to 192.com reverse lookup for phone numbers and 192.com address lookup services. Many of these sites contain public records and directories and obtain their information legally. However, ensure you are careful when choosing the websites because the data available on them is publicly available and can be used by scammers. With that in mind, here are some of the best 192.com alternatives today:

  • Companieslist.co.uk
  • companydirectorcheck.com
  • Yell.com
  • Whitepages.com
  • Yelp.com
  • Britishphonebook.com
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