In today's world, having some information on the ones around you or keeping in touch with long-lost relatives has become easy, thanks to people-search engines like Zabasearch is among the popular people-search engines that offer free services to consumers across the US. 

If you are looking for a people-search website and wondering if Zabasearch is a good option, this review is for you. Our Zabasearch overview breaks down everything you must know about this website, including how it works, how to remove your information from its database, user reviews, its competitors, and more. Let's start with understanding how the website works.

01. How Works

How It Works

The working mechanism of is pretty simple. The company leverages information available in public domains and catalogues it into its database, making it easier for users to search for people’s information online. The platform allows you to find an individual’s addresses, phone numbers, names, ages, and more.

The website features a straightforward interface to make it easier for consumers to research their desired individuals. In that case, users need to visit the website, provide the little data they have on the individuals they are searching for, and click the “Search” button. is ideal for both elementary and advanced searches. For instance, when searching for information about a person with a unique name, say, Baracus Schwarzenegger, all you need to do is enter the name, hit the search button, and everything will be displayed. However, for more familiar names like John Smith, you must proceed to provide the state, city of residence, and middle name of the person you are researching for accurate results.

Below are the features that will enable you to perform searches on Zabasearch.

  • reverse phone lookup.
  • Zabasearch people search.
  • Zabasearch background check.
  • white pages (It contains millions of numbers of people living in the US).
02. Sign Up and Cost Review: Sign Up and Cost 

The best part about is that it provides most of the essential information for free. However, when conducting advanced searches such as background checks for criminal or court records, the website redirects its users to Intelius, where they can obtain such data at a cost.

You can subscribe to Intelius through for unlimited monthly reports at $24.86 and bi-monthly reports at $42.25. According to the company, these subscriptions automatically renew themselves unless you cancel them. Finally, it is worth noting that you don’t need to sign up for an account with the platform or complete any form of registration when using the free services.

03. Review Review

  • Zabasearch has a free premium version.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The company claims to guarantee anonymous searches. 
  • The company provides a toll-free customer support number. 
  • Zabasearch has a refund policy. 
  • Users don't have to create an account with Zabasearch to use its services.
  • Zabasearch is only available in the US. 
  • Some users have complained that Zabasearch takes a long to remove consumers' information from its database.
  • Other consumers have called Zabasearch a hoax since it links to Intelius, a paid people-search engine. 
04. Experience and Service Review: Customer Experience and Service 

Good customer experience is crucial in keeping any business afloat, especially for companies offering people-search services. Bearing in mind that most search results are provided at zero charges means that the experience at the site is fairly good. Furthermore, the website has a simple interface making its database accessible to everyone, regardless of how well-versed they are with search engines. 

Regarding customer service and support, provides users with a comprehensive FAQ section to cater to all the questions that may arise when using the people search tools available on Although their FAQ is satisfactory, adding other customer service methods can be helpful. In that case, the company needs to add a functional email address on top of its customer support number ((888) 245-1655) to enhance customer service.

05. User Reviews Review: User Reviews has been operating for over two decades, meaning the site has received a fair share of positive and negative reviews. According to Sitejabber, the site has a 1.67-star consumer rating from six reviews. One of the reviewers on lamented that the site is not what it used to be, as it started charging users three years ago for the services it purports to offer for free.

Others have complained that the Zabasearch website links to Intelius, a paid service provider. Finally, some users feel that although the website is easy to use, it makes you go through hoops in order to remove their information from its database.

06. Should You Choose

Should You Choose is a reasonably reliable website. Firstly it provides all the necessary information about people without additional costs. Additionally, its database has fast processing speeds that provide users with instant search results. Finally, the site claims that your searches remain anonymous. 

07. Remove Your Information

How to Remove Your Information from

States like California give consumers the right to know the type of personal data being collected by people-search websites. That means you have the right to remove your data from such websites. Here is the process you can follow when opting out of

  • Visit and locate the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” option.
  • Enter your name, state, and email.
  • Click the “Continue” button to get a listing of names.
  • A verification link will be sent to that email.
  • Tap the link on the email to verify the opt-out process and wait to be delisted.

Additionally, you can send a fax requesting for your information to be deleted. For this to happen, you must accompany the fax with copies of identifying documents, such as driving licen

08. Subscription

How to Cancel a Subscription

As mentioned above, Zabasearch comes without subscription requirements for individuals using the free search service. That means users can avoid visiting this website if they no longer need its services. 

You must visit the “My Account” page to cancel your subscription if you have a paid subscription. Alternatively, you can call the Zabasearch customer support team at (888) 245-1655 and request them to cancel your subscription.

09. Alternatives

Competitors and Alternatives

The people-search sphere is flooded with a wide range of websites providing personal information to the public. Therefore, if you feel Zabasearch does not fulfil your needs, you can research the following companies to see which one does. 







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