Spy Dialer Review

Robert Scott, a licensed private investigator and a best-selling author, is an expert on phone numbers investigation, which drove him to establish spydialer.com. The company boasts a dedicated team of specialists who work hard to ensure the website remains one of the best free phone-lookup service providers today. 

The spydialer.com phone lookup services are ideal for individuals searching for both landlines and cell phone numbers. It does not matter if the numbers are published or not; spydialer.com will help you identify the owner. This guide gives a complete spydialer.com overview, including how the website works, canceling a subscription, removing your information from the site, and other details.

01. How Works

How Spydialer.com Works

Spydialer.com features a search bar where you can enter the information you have about an individual and click the “Search” button to get the name of the person you are looking for. Once that is done, spydialer.com automatically goes through its database and provides you with search results. Here are ways in which you can conduct a search at spydialer.com.

  • Spydialer.com phone lookup: This feature requires you to enter the mystery number that may have called you and then click on the ‘Search’ button. As a result, Spy Dialer provides all contact information about the owner of the phone number.
  • Spydialer.com people search: With this option, you can enter the first and last names of the person you want information about and hit the “Search” button.
  • Spydialer.com address search: Alternatively, you can search for an individual’s personal data at spydialer.com using their address.
  • Spydialer.com email address search: In this case, you can provide an individual’s email address at spydialer.com and get all the personal details you need, including social networking sites linked to that particular email.
02. Sign Up and Cost 

Spydialer.com Review: Sign Up and Cost 

To create an account at spydialer.com, one needs to visit their webpage and follow the given prompts. In this case, a working email address and a strong password are essential parts of creating an account with spydialer.com. 

Alternatively, you can download the spydialer.com app and install it so that you dont have to visit the official website. Their app is compatible with Windows, IOS, and Android-powered devices. The best part is that spydialer.com has a free version where you don’t need to create an account before accessing its services.

03. Review

Spydialer.com Review

  • All its services come without any charges. 
  • It has an extensive database with billions of records from reputable sources. 
  • Spydialer.com has a user-friendly website. 
  • It allows you to conduct your searches anonymously. 
  • It has a downloadable mobile app. 
  • The sign-up process on this site is straightforward
  • Comprehensive reports such as background checks and court documents are impossible to find using spydialer.com. 
  • At times, search results may take some time before they are displayed. 
  • Their customer support needs to be more reliable. 
04. Experience and Service

Spydialer.com Review: Customer Experience and Service

At the bottom of its website, spydialer.com provides a FAQ page that caters to all the commonly asked questions you may have about spydialer.com. In case your questions aren’t answered in the FAQ section, you can send an email with a detailed message of what you want to be answered. 

In this case, you need to visit the contact section at the bottom of the spydialer.com web page, provide your email address and name, write the question on the message box and click the ‘Send Email’ button. Besides, you can contact the company via snail mail (PO Box 890370, Temecula, CA 92589) or call their telephone number, 951.783.2001.

05. User Reviews

Spydialer.com Review: User Reviews

Depending on a user’s interaction with spydialer.com, reviews tend to vary from one person to another. From six user reviews, sitejabber.com gives spydialer.com a consumer rating of 2.3 stars and ranks it at number 20 among other people’s search websites. 

Some users have expressed gratitude because all spydialer.com services are free. These users have encouraged others to try the site since they won’t be disappointed. Some consumers have noted the website spydialer.com is the real deal as it helps them with the needed information from a missed call, while others feel the data is 100% inaccurate.

06. Should You Choose

Should You Choose Spydialer.com? 

Going by the positive user reviews left on their website, spydialer.com seems like a reliable website. All the services provided on its page are free of charge. Furthermore, users do not have to create an account when conducting basic searches.

The company has been featured on NBC, Fox News, the Daily Dot, Wiki How, and more. Unfortunately, this service provider is only available to U.S customers.

07. Remove Your Information

How to Remove Your Information from Spydialer.com

Spydialer.com is keen on observing people’s privacy, which is why it provides users with an option to remove their information from its database. Below are some simple steps you can follow to remove your personal information from spydialer.com:

  • Visit its opt-out page; https://www.spydialer.com/optout.aspx.
  • On the page that appears, fill in all the information that needs to be removed.
  • Complete the reCAPTCHA.
  • Tick the box and click on the ‘Remove My Info’ button. Typically, Spy Dialer removes your information immediately.
08. Subscription

How to Cancel a Spydialer.com Subscription

Canceling a spydialer.com is straightforward. This is because most spydialer.com services are free, and you do not need to create an account to access them, making the opt-out process easy. As such, you can avoid visiting the website or uninstall its mobile app if you have downloaded one. 

Alternatively, you can send spydialer.com customer support an email via [email protected] and ask them to cancel your subscription if you have created an account. Besides, you can reach the spydialer.com team using the “Contact Us” tab located at the bottom of its web page and ask for a cancellation.

09. Alternatives

Competitors and Alternatives?

As stated earlier, sitejabber.com ranks spydialer.com at number 20 among other people finder sites, meaning there are other websites providing people-search services to U.S. citizens. Depending on the service you are looking for, you can use these sites as spydialer.com alternatives. They include but are not limited to: 













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