Search People Review:

A Comprehensive Assessment of the White Pages Platform

This platform is a website for finding people and their businesses in America. It is present only in that country, but the site itself is bilingual. It provides content in both English and Spanish. Usually, free people search websites are known to be a scam or to provide factually inaccurate data. 

In this all-encompassing Search People review, I'll take you through the Search People overview and its various facets, which will enable you to search for, locate, and find businesses, shops, local stores, and people. Above and beyond this I'll also gauge the quality of the results and help you understand how reliable and valuable the portal is. Let's jump right in.

01. How work

How does it work?

Search People has four major options. These include:

  • Name
  • Contact
  • Residential Data
  • Email ID

With the Name option, you can type in the name of the person and the city, and you’ll get results for all the people living with the given name and in the given region. You’ll get contact info, residential data, ages, relatives, and more such details. Using a portal is convenient and simple, one has just to type in a specific number and get all other details of the person.

If there are no matches for the number, you’ll also get details of people with similar numbers. With the Search People Address lookup, you can type in the residential data and find other details such as name, age, contact number, and more. The residential data can also be slightly vague such as the name of the lane or the road. Based on this you’ll get wider results.

Finally, with the Email option, you can type in the email and fetch the necessary details. Above and beyond this, the platform also has the Search People reverse phone lookup feature for you to get the required details and information about people.

02. Sign Up and Cost

Search People Review: Sign Up and Cost

There is no need to signup on to the platform. One can simply go to the website, type in their search, and get the information needed. As mentioned in the name itself, the website is completely free for everyone to use.

03. Review

Search People Review

  • The website is free of cost and doesn't charge you for any details.
  • The UI is relatively simple and easy to navigate.
  • The website is connected to other portals, such as Been Verified and Instant Checkmate. Whenever you need a complete background report on a person, then the portal redirects you to the above-mentioned competitors. This takes away from the legitimacy of the website.
  • Furthermore, the website gives relatively lesser details than the competitors it is linked to.
04. Experience and Services

Search People Review: Customer Experience and Services

The customer experience is unidimensional. This is especially true for those looking for full reports. They are simply redirected to other websites, which they could have gone to by themselves in the first place. Unlike its competitor, 411 Whitepages, it has no FAQ section, blog section, or customer support team. Thus, if you have any doubts or are stuck somewhere, there’s nowhere to go. However, the page does have a generic contact page, where you can provide details such as name and email and type in your query.

Another major disadvantage is that the website specifically denies the users to leverage the tool for screening people. This includes tenant screening, employment checks, and credit score checking. This is because it is defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). According to this, the portal is not a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA).

05. User Reviews

Search People: User Reviews

There are little to no user reviews about this portal. While this could be attributed to reasons that the website might be new and not popular, there is no practical way of confirming this. On reputed websites such as the SimilarWeb, which hosts information such as the number of employees and founding year, there is very limited information about Search People. Its ranking is also far below its competitors, such as Been Verified, 411, Unmasked, Anywho, and more.

06. Should You Choose

Should You Choose Search People?

Choosing this platform might not be useful for anyone looking for such portals. This is because the website has little to no presence on the internet on other reputed websites. Furthermore, there’s practically no way of confirming if the information provided by the portal is legitimate and accurate. Above and beyond this, the website’s lack of provision for full reports, customer support, and even background checks makes it less useful than its alternatives.

07. Remove Your Information

How to Remove Your Information from Search People?

There are no links or tabs provided on the page for even logging in. As a result, removing your information from the portal seems like a difficult task. Since the website is connected to its competitors, there’s a chance that it might take its information from there as well. Thus, removing it from those competitor websites might result in your info being removed from this website portal.

08. Subscription

How to Cancel a Search People Subscription?

Since the site doesn’t charge users any money and is practically free, there’s no requirement for subscribing to the service or even canceling it. You can simply go to the website, type in your search details, and fetch the required data.

09. Alternatives

Competitors or Alternatives

There are numerous competitors and alternatives to Search People, which are better. These include:


Been Verified


Instant Checkmate


True People Search




Fast People Search


Yellow Book





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