LocatePeople.org Review

LocatePeople.org is a massive online search engine that helps locate people and gather information about them. The present population of the US has around 209 million adults, and the maps of the population change regularly due to immigration, moving to new homes, etc. So, it is quite a difficult task to find someone in the US. The site covers 95% of the adult population of the US and has an ever expanding database. Hence, many people are in constant use of LocatePeople.org in order to find friends, relatives or someone else they would like to connect to. Below is our detailed LocatePeople.org overview to aid you in your queries.

01. How Work

How Does It Work?

The working procedure of the site is simple and straightforward. Basically, it works in two ways.

  • Firstly, you could locate the target person from a list of search results that appear after entering a person’s first and last names and the city or state they live in.
  • Secondly, you could also find out the desired person from an alphabetically arranged index of names.

Sadly, there is no LocatePeople.org reverse phone lookup or LocatePeople.org address lookup.

02. Sign Up and Cost

LocatePeople.org Review: Sign Up and Cost

One of the best things about LocatePeople.org is that it does not require any subscription plans, although some classified information like federal details and court cases cost a nominal fee. There is also no need for any signing up to view anyone’s details in their entirety. So, the site is completely free to use and there have not been any complaints about hidden costs.

03. Review

LocatePeople.org Review

  • The advantages for LocatePeople.org are limitless. Firstly, the database for the site can boast to be bigger than all other sites. The site collects information from the official census conducted by the US government, phone directories in the public domain, records of property, national, state and local records, indexes of various social networks, and other third party databases. So, very few people fail to find what they are looking for on LocatePeople.org. Secondly, a large variety of information is available on the site. 
  • These include contact details, location, history, education records, relatives and family members, social media profiles, assets, marital history, personal information, etc. Hence, this is another reason, the site functions as a gold mine for people trying to connect with other people. Thirdly, the site costs almost no money whatsoever. So, it is better than many other similar sites that cost many dollars for the same tasks. 
  • The site has its fair share of disadvantages as well. Firstly, it does not offer LocatePeople.org reverse lookup. So, if you fail to remember a person's name, but have their contact number jotted down somewhere, you cannot find their details. Secondly, the information obtained on the site could be used to stalk or harass public officers, famous celebrities, or even common people. It could also be used to discriminate against someone socially or through issues of housing, government benefits, insurance, employment or personal credit.
  • Although these negative and illegal uses are explicitly banned in the LocatePeople.org Terms of Service and there are direct legal consequences like jailing and fining for failing to adhere to the terms, it is undeniable that the site often falls fallible to misuse by scammers. Next, some of the information obtained from third party sources may be inaccurate. Another disadvantage is that some people find their personal space cropped by the amount of information available publicly on the site. One disadvantage, as mentioned by a few customers, is the complication surrounding information removal from the site. 
  • Simply removing your information from the site does not guarantee that the details will not be found there in the future. This is because the information is constantly retrieved by the site from different public records. So, a permanent removal of your information will only be affirmed if you succeed in deleting your data from the original source.
04. Experience and Service

LocatePeople.org Review: Customer Experience and Service

The customer experience on LocatePeople.org is mostly positive. Its excellence in providing service, that too completely free of cost, has pleased numerous visitors to the site. Some customers have praised the site on how it saved them time and money to aid in their personal as well as professional needs. We will dwell more on that in the LocatePeople.org reviews down below. Some people have complained about the lack of reverse phone lookup LocatePeople.org, but it remains a flaw in the site.

05. User Reviews

LocatePeople.org: User Reviews

Due to its huge database, LocatePeople.org has helped millions of people to find their estranged friends and family, do a background check on prospective employers and employees or even help legal procedures with some case histories. So overall the LocatePeople.org reviews are good and the service is up to the mark.

06. Should You Choose

Should You Choose LocatePeople.org?

LocatePeople.org is one of the most trusted search engines for people on the internet. This is because of the authenticity of the sources and databases from which the information is collected. Although it cannot claim to be 100% accurate, it is more accurate than almost all other similar sites. So, it is highly advisable to choose this site in case of any necessity to look for a person or into a person’s details or background. 

However, in case you have a person’s phone number or address, LocatePeople.org is not the site for you as it does not offer LocatePeople.org reverse lookup. But if you know only a person’s name and no other details, this site also has the feature of LocatePeople.org white pages, where you can look up people from an alphabetically arranged catalog.

07. Remove Your Information

How to Remove Your Information from LocatePeople.org?

Removing your information from LocatePeople.org is fairly simple. The steps to do so are given below:

  • Go to LocatePeople.com and find your information via search or catalog.
  • Note the record ID mentioned there.
  • Next, visit https://www.locatepeople.org/optout/
  • There, enter your name, record ID and email ID. After a CAPTCHA verification, your information will be removed from the site.
  • Alternatively, you can also mail your problem at [email protected] and your information will be removed.
  • Do not forget to remove your information from the original public database which contributed it to LocatePeople.org.
08. Alternatives

Competitors and Alternatives?

Services offered by LocatePeople.org are also found in some other sites. Most of them do not match the standard and accuracy of LocatePeople.org. But you can check a few of the better sites out if you’re looking for alternatives.

  • That’sThem.com  – This site offers all the services offered by LocatePeople.org and also a host of reverse lookup services. One downside to this site is that it is not free and its data is not as accurate as LocatePeople.org.
  • Fastpeoplesearch.com – This site also offers the same range of data as LocatePeople.org. Its sole disadvantage is occasionally unreliable customer care.

This was our LocatePeople.org overview. Hope this will be of aid to your queries.

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