Review has been operational from 2005. Since then, the website has expanded its portfolio to give information about people and company searches, as well as becoming a web optimization platform where businesses can keep track of their web traffic. Tracking web traffic allows organizations to conduct searches on their visitors and get helpful information such as addresses, phone numbers, and licenses which may be crucial in helping them stay in business.

This overview discusses crucial details you need to know about this digital analytics platform. This includes how the site works, cost and pricing, how to remove your information from the database, and more.

01. How Work

How Does Work?

Being a public records encyclopedia, gets all its information from government agencies. Since many agencies give their data in machine-readable formats that aren’t accessible by normal users, comes in with data analysis and visualization tools that help ordinary users access information.

There are various methods in which you can use to your advantage. Here are some of them;

  • You can use the people search feature. When using this feature, you must visit the website, click on the “People” tab, enter the name you wish to search for, and click on the ‘Find’ option. Wait for to do the rest.
  • You can also use address lookup to find an individual’s address. Here, you must visit the site, select the “Address” tab, enter the address you want information about, and hit the ‘find’ button. Finally, wait for to display everything listed about that address, including the owner’s name and phone number.
  • You can use it as a web optimization solution. In this case, businesses use the heatmap feature.

Organizations rely on geolocation-based heatmaps to determine which countries and areas have the highest web visitor traffic. With such information, companies can create widgets that display website statistics across numerous web pages, including IP addresses, visited pages, and referrer information.

02. Sign Up and Cost Review: Sign Up and Cost

The sign-up process at is easy. Here are the steps you must follow when signing up at

  • Visit their website,
  • Click the ‘Sign Up’ button located on the right-hand side of the webpage.
  • Provide an email address and create a strong password.
  • Click on the box and agree to the website’s terms of service.
  • Tap on the ‘Create account button to finish the account creation process. lacks a clear pricing policy. However, it is available in a free version, which is always alluring to consumers looking to do searches on people and businesses. The free version covers all the services the site provides, including basic people and address search, search widgets, as well as web analytics. It is also important to note that creating an account with is optional.

03. Review Review

  • It offers a free version, making it affordable to most U.S users. 
  • map widget is easy to install.
  • Their site is safe and secure as it comes with the latest SSL encryption.
  • The site uses official records to profile neighborhoods, which is helpful when one is looking for a new place to stay.
  • Information found in is accurate as it is sourced from reliable sources. 
  • geo-location heat maps are useful to small and mid-size businesses. 
  • Their database has 200+ million people listings and over 23 million businesses listed. 
  • Search results may not be produced immediately, which results in web pages timing out.
  • Its customer care desk is unreliable compared to its competitors. 
04. Experience and Service Review: Customer Experience and Service

Customer support and experience are vital to the existence of any search engine. Although the company’s customer care desk has been termed as reliable in the past, the company is keen on ensuring all their customers are satisfied with everything it offers. For instance, you can visit the FAQ section before contacting the customer care desk. Here, all the basic questions about all the services rendered by the are extensively answered.

Moreover, you can write to them via email to get more details about the website. However, the site lacks a toll-free number where you can reach the customer care desk.

05. User Reviews Review: User Reviews has been in business for a while. As a result, it has gotten mixed reviews from users, including positive and negative reviews.

The company rose 158 places from June to hit a global rank of 6,815 in July 2022, according to gives a consumer rating of 4 stars from 11 reviews, and gives a similar rating from 58 reviews.

Let’s look at what some users had to say about the services and features that come with

One user remarked that the best thing about is the ability to look up people and their address details in a non-sketchy manner, which goes a long way in helping businesses, correspondence, and data collection used in sales and mailings.

Another user noted that the data given by after searches is sometimes inaccurate or unavailable. The users have also complained about the long time taken by to provide search results which in turn led to webpage time-outs.

06. Should You Choose

Should You Choose is among the best people search websites today, and you should consider choosing it. The company claims to have served more than 13 million widgets since 2005. Besides, the website is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 and is secured with the latest SSL technology.

07. Remove Your Information

How to Remove Your Information from

Sometimes removing your information from people finder websites can help protect you from online scams. For that reason, allows you to remove your personal details from its database by following these steps:

  • Visit’ web page.
  • Enter your address and hit the ‘find’ button.
  • On the available addresses, find your actual address and click on it.
  • Find your name under the ‘Known residents’ tab and click on the ‘Details’ button.
  • Copy the URL that matches your listing.
  • Visit the opt-out page.
  • Give out all the necessary details and paste the copied URL link.
  • Select all the information you need to be scrapped from and wait.
08. Subscription

How to Cancel a Subscription

If you have created an account with and want to cancel your subscription, you can do so using the following steps. Start by filling out a remove-form available on the “Contact Us” tab, enter your email and name, and write a message requesting for your account to be canceled.

09. Alternatives

Competitors and Alternatives? is not the only company providing information about people and businesses. Similar sites offering the same services include but are not limited to; 






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