411 Review

A Comprehensive Assessment of the White Pages Platform

While yellow and white pages books are a thing of the past, their digital versions can still help people get phone numbers, addresses, and more about people, businesses, local stores, and more. 

411 is one such website that enables people to do their necessary searches and find the people and businesses that they are looking for. However, how good is it? What are its different features? Is there any signup cost for the same? 

In this comprehensive 411 review, I’ll give you a complete overview of all these things and more. Let’s get right to it.

01. How does It Work?

How does It Work?

411 has a simple user interface, wherein it has a simple search bar and four different tabs to type in different kinds of searches. These include

  • 411 People Search
  • 411 Reverse Phone
  • 411 Reverse Address
  • 411 Business Search

In the People Search, you’ll need to add the name and the city, state, or zip code. Based on this information, 411 shares the address, full name, and even a full report for premium members of the website.

With the 411 Reverse Phone lookup feature, you can simply type in the phone number and find out who is calling. The same is true for the 411 Reverse Address feature. Here, you can type in zip code, city, state, and other details to find out about the person who resides at that location.

The 411 white pages also enable you to search for businesses and find out details about local stores, shops, restaurants, and more. These details will have the phone number, address, social media handles, and even the exact location on the map.

Besides these, 411 also offers tenant checks and background checks on people for a premium package. The Background Check feature will provide information such as phone numbers, current and previous addresses, relatives and associates, criminal history, and more.

02. Sign Up

411 Review: Sign Up and Cost

pricing of 411 packages is quite extensive. While the platform does offer free services, it has several packages that range from one-off reports to monthly and yearly subscriptions. The prices and offerings are as follows:

Price Package
$1.99 One-off Premium Lookup
$3.99 One-off Contact Lookup
$4.99 20 Premium Reports
$7.99 3 Contact Lookups
$9.99 One-off Background Check and Lookup
$14.99 Full Story Plan
$19.99 200 Monthly Reports
$29.99 Yearly Subscription

You can simply signup with your e-mail, Google account, or Facebook account. The process is similar to signups of other websites.

  • Forming a customer base for your business, for the people in your area. 
  • Being more aware of the people around you. 
  • Readily finding restaurants, shops, or stores, if you are new to a specific place. 
  • The details provided with the search and lookup features are relatively less than competitive platforms. 
  • The auto-renewal feature of the pricing is slightly inconvenient for the users since it is the default option. 
  • The background checks and tenant checks are not always thorough. 
  • Cancelling the subscription is a tedious process.
03. Experience and Services

411 Review: Customer Experience and Services

The user experience of the website is slightly incoherent because users have to shift between the 411 and Whitepages websites. This causes a disturbance in the flow of the users’ journeys on the website.

Besides this, the platform’s background check and tenant check features are only available for premium plans. There are no trials or free packages for the same, for users to understand the quality of the reports.

Customer support is in the form of a Help section. Here, the FAQs are extensive and provide exhaustive answers to users who are lost or stuck while performing a specific task. If these do not come in handy, one can also submit a request, and the support team will respond to you in your mail.

While this is good, it is still a conventional system that is far behind the current support technologies. The users could find their experience simpler and more enriching if there was a better interface and support technologies such as live chat or phone calls.

04. User Reviews

411: User Reviews

Most users do not have the best things to say about 411 as a platform. One of the most significant complaints is that the details provided by the portal are entirely incorrect or inaccurate. 

The second feedback people have shared on review portals is that the auto-renewal of the package is a default setting which is inconspicuous on the website. This has led to them losing a considerable amount of money without even using the service. 

Overall, the user reviews around the lookup portal are not that good which leads to the company coming off as inauthentic and seeming to lack credibility.

05. Should You Choose

Should You Choose 411?

No, there are numerous portals besides 411 Whitepages that people can go for. These would provide better services, and customer experience, and even offer better details of whatever the user searches for. 

06. Remove Your Information

How to Remove Your Information from 411?

To remove your listing from the 411 portal, you simply need to go to your listing on the opt-out page. Here, you’ll need to press the button, ‘Click to Remove’. If you have multiple listings then you’ll have to select a payment option as well. 

Once you have selected your listings, you can click on the button, ‘Continue to Confirmation Page’. On the Checkout page, you can select the payment method. Once you’re done, your information will be deleted.

07. How to Cancel Subscription?

How to Cancel a 411 Subscription?

Once you’ve logged in to your account, you simply need to go to the Account Settings page. Here you can click on the ‘Cancel AutoRenew’ option, and your subscription will be canceled. 

08. Alternatives

Competitors and Alternatives

A few of the major competitors and alternatives to 411 Whitepages are:


Search People Free


Yellow Book


True People Search






Super Pages



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