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Has a business owner approached you for collaboration? Are you planning to invest in other companies? Is your trading partner acting suspiciously? If you have all these questions, you are reading the right article. We can help you find the past or present records and ownership of any business you are interested in. Our platform collects public data and reports from many government sources and trusted databases.

You can check not only the background of a business but also find phone numbers, store locations, store hours, lawsuits, contracts, and neighborhood reviews. Such in-depth reports often reveal secrets that competitors can take advantage of. But you can do the same. Before you enter a deal with any business, is it advised to do thorough research beforehand? Negligence now can end you up in trouble later. Many businesses try to hide other contracts and legal issues with their current prospects. But, if you are smart enough, use our platform to make wise decisions for your future.

01. How To Use

How To Use Business Background Check

Using a business background check is as easy as retrieving data on a search engine. Just type the name of the business you want to enquire about. You can also add the state or city to get more specific data. In no time, all the data will be presented before your eyes. We keep business background checks free for your benefit. Leverage it while you can! 

The information can come in handy for business owners and other citizens involved in marketing and help scale other companies. So, use the following data to be ahead of your game and prevent yourself from making any poor decisions:

Legal Concerns

You should check the legal history of a business before investing your time and assets into it. If the records are clean, you are good to go. If you see negative lawsuits, be vigilant. After all, who would want to get caught up in legal issues later? Legal discrepancies are often hidden and discovered afterwards during the course of future contracts. That is a time when you cannot back out from the scenario easily. So use our public records to save yourself from trouble.

Employment Hazards 

Big or small business employee backgrounds are also available on our website. A business is incomplete without its employees. Our curated information tool can help detect employment risks in a business and its existing partners. Employee reviews and complaints are often reported and kept as public evidence. If you are considering exchanging your employee with your partner business, research first. Many users conduct a small business employee background check which help their businesses flourish in the long run.

Perfect Partner 

Our background check is helpful to find the loopholes in a company as well as the positive opportunities. You can come across growing businesses and see if they are a perfect match for you. All the provided information can be an asset to boost your reputable business by making new connections and tie-ups. If you are a small business, you should leverage our research tool. The data can also serve as case studies for big successful businesses. Go through it to figure out what you are doing wrong.


Your credit score increases across financial institutions if your dealings are fair and transactions are on time. It shows others that you can be a trusted and credible trader for others. Investors usually go through research on platforms like ours to check the creditworthiness of the business they are planning to invest in. It is an intelligent move if you don’t want to risk your funds. A quick business background helps the financial institutions decide whether your financial history makes you eligible for investments or not. The report may also include details about bankruptcy and business operations.

Trading Operations

Trading operations are a crucial but often overseen part of a business. Trading involves interacting with many outsiders and other traders. So, it can be easily targeted for negative aspects. It is ideal for making tie-ups with legitimate and legal traders. You should bring any suspicious activity to light. Rest assured, as we provide details on trading history as well.

Well, information is a powerful tool. So, use this information wisely to guard yourself against possible fraudulent businesses and take yourself in the right direction. The only purpose of Geekadelpha is to collect data from various resources and stock them in one place so that you no longer have to wander to collect the data you are looking for.

02. Background Report Include

What Does Business Check Background Report Include?

Remember that legal businesses are always under the supervision of the state government. Plus, it takes a lot of paperwork and time to set up. So, it is pretty obvious for a business to leave pieces of significant information, important records and highly useful data along the way. That is where we come to play the role. 

We trace this trail all the way to the current situation and bring reports to a single platform. Even by law, a well-running business must disclose its assets, investors, debtors and branches to the government. This disclosure helps the government figure out ways to boost the country's economy and provide business owners with added benefits. Our background check business opportunities are diverse. We have everything from a business partner background check to a business associate's background check. So, here's all the information we can provide you in a background report:

Business Background Information

You can find your potential business partner’s history and proprietorship details here. It usually includes information about employees, business partners, and associates. Employees are people with first-hand experience. Their reviews are a great way to get deep insights into the working environment of a business directly. It gives you an image of the working of any business from an internal point of view. Moreover, by conducting a business associates background check, you may also learn about their work ethics and client relationships.

Credit Risk Scores and Detailed Risk Factors

Geekadelpha also helps you weigh the risk factors involved in joining hands with a business. The success of a business can easily be predicted by its credit scores and history. Repayment and the number of loans also play a role in calculating the detailed risk factors. Such information builds the confidence of institutions in giving away funds to a business in the form of loans or investments. Further, it warns institutions about any red flags related to their credit history, which may be a negative sign for giving a loan. Get into it and judge for yourself.

Past Liens, Judgments, and Bankruptcies

Knowing the number of lawsuits a business has dealt with or is dealing with is also crucial. Of those, find out how many judgements were passed in favour or against that business. Are there any tendencies towards bankruptcy? Does it possess that much property and assets as it claims? Yes, all this information is waiting for you.

These critical pieces of information can help you understand a lot about any business institution. It serves the purpose of strict verification, which is mandatory before getting involved with any running business. Unsolved disputes, critical financial information and past liens may reveal hidden red flags too.

Past Business Registrations

You should know that the government issues a license to run a business, however big or small. Prior registration is necessary for a business to be involved in any public venture. And when any such public records are filed and saved, we pick up that information and arrange it systematically for your reference.

Comprehensive Financial Records

We comprehensively provide a checklist of all the financial records of the business in question and other businesses it has previously been involved with. It helps you understand whether the company’s dealings are fair. You can find a company’s annual turnover, income tax returns and other financial records on our website.

Banking, Trade and Collection History

Businesses have special bank accounts for transactions. The taxes and commercial collection guidelines are also different from ordinary bank accounts. Illegal trading and shipping have also been witnessed in various organisations. So, don’t make any hasty decisions and check a company’s banking, trade and collection history beforehand. It helps you verify the legitimacy of any business. The past dealing, payment of taxes, utilisation of funds and other sensitive information should be checked before you decide anything.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings

UCC is a uniform state law governing commercial transactions, purchase and sales of goods, and financial consistency of a business. It helps notify creditors about the debtors’ current assets and ensures future secured payments. Checking a company’s uniform commercial code filing record is usually recommended, and you will have no trouble finding it on our platform.

03. How To Check

How To Check Public Records For Business?

As you might be aware, many sites supply information nowadays; data remains scattered and fragmented. This is the reason why a good background check business is in need. Lucky for you, we can save you just in time! It is fairly evident that with the rise of the internet, technology and digitalisation, the ways to store public records are also changing. Compiling physical file records in government offices is an old story now. Everything you need to know is already present online. All you have to do is visit the right place.

You can either visit unorganised government sites and databases for public records or file a right-to-information application which costs more and takes several days to process. Don’t worry; there is one more way. Visit a website that provides a business background check service like us and get every piece of information on a single platform. It will help you save time, money and energy.

Once you have landed on the webpage, how do you check business public records? It’s pretty simple.

  • Go to the search column
  • Type the company name
  • Select the city/state from the drop-down list
  • Click search
  • Select the branch you are looking for
  • If the provided information is not enough, purchase the upgraded version of our software for complete details

And just like that, every little data relating to that company will be presented before you. Using the information wisely can benefit you in many ways. Also, know that if you find any information inappropriate or incomplete, you can write to us at the email address provided on the website. If you would like to erase public records about your business from our website, it is possible. Go to the remove information section on our website and follow the simple instructions. But keep in mind that it will merely remove data from our site.

The public sources and databases we collected data from will still have all that information. You can make the same request on other platforms, but remember that not every public website accepts your proposal to erase data without solid evidence.

04. FAQ

Business Background Check FAQ

Now that you have understood how a business background check works, what information you can expect, and why it is essential to use it to verify any running business, you may have some additional questions on your find. We will address these questions now.

How do I find out who owns the business?

To dig out detailed information about the ownership of the business you're interested in, all you need to do is enter the company name on our search column. Knowing the location would be better if you are interested in a specific branch. Note that ownership depends on the scale of the business. You can clearly view the list of equity shareholders and board of directors who own the business on a large scale. In contrast, a small-scale company may have just two to five owners. 

Do you have an enhanced version of the report?

Yes. We offer premium plans and membership if the information generated by the free version does not meet your requirements. You can easily dig out more details about a particular business in our enhanced report like employment reviews, testimonials, UCC filings of creditors, etc. You can perform a business background check free on our platform to get familiar with the system.

These plans are extremely helpful for small background check businesses and market researchers. The detailed version of the reports also provides information on the upcoming projects and link-ups of the company you are searching for. To gain benefits, you can find monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans on our site.

Do you have a customer support service?

Yes. We offer on-call and email support to our users. You can see the phone number and email address on our website in case of any doubts or complaints. For quick replies, call or write to us within our working hours on business days. Remember that we only gather and present information on our website. We do not make guarantees or evaluate and verify public records.

Who owns a private company?

A private company is owned collectively by 'Directors' and 'Shareholders'. The number of directors and shareholders depends on the size of the company. Usually, a group of shareholders own a company by holding its shares and showing beneficial interest. A single individual cannot hold 100% shares of a company by law. But a sole proprietor can exist for small businesses; wherein a single person fulfills the registration requirement. 

Specifically, equity shareholders are called the company's real owners. While shareholders are financially invested in the company and have voting rights, the board of directors looks after the business's management. If the former is unhappy with the management, they have the right to remove or replace the director.

How do I find out information about a business?

If you wish to learn more about a particular company, here's what you need to do. Visit our official homepage. Go to the search column and enter the company name you are looking for and the city or state they are situated in. A list will appear on the screen with all retrieved information. A background check on a business is that easy from our platform. You can know everything from credibility to partnership details in just one click.


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